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2018 Price List and Colors - DTA J-RO Gyroplane

Price are in in euros. Please call us to obtain exact price in Canadian dollars. Price in euros (€)
J-RO 912 ULS2 € 70 178
J-RO 914 € 78 928
Optional equipment - 1st installation
Removable butterfly doors :
  • Telescopic cylinders - Door closing security with warning lights
  • TFrame of doors made of carbon : same colour as fuselage
  • TVentilation : firewall 2 steerable air vents, doors 2 steerable air vents
€ 5 395
Two-color body paintwork - non-metallic RAL color consult us
Black frame doors and canopy € 0
White-colored body and tail RAL9003 Comes standard
ONE-color body paintwork - non-metallic RAL color Comes standard
Analogue Instrumentation in place of EFIS or EMS € 105
EFIS Xtrem MGL Avionics incl GPS (without cartography) Comes standard
VHF DYNON SKYVIEW 1X83-V with VHF pluged € 3 869
Three axis magnetic field sensor for EFIS XTreme MGL Avionics Comes standard
EMS XTrem MGL Avionics with RDAC VD unit Comes standard
12 V cigarette lighter socket Comes standard
Circuit-breaker protection Comes standard
Ignition switch key with start Comes standard
Luggage package: 2 bags € 576
Double strobes with navigation lights LED Powerburst Aurora € 583
Front landing light Comes standard
Warm air intake: firewall + canopy heating € 740
REAR SEAT: DUAL CONTROL Consult us for instrumentation
Dual control pack including :
  • stick with PTT (quick disconnect)
  • rudder control
  • throttle and brake
  • engine cut off - trim - pre-rotator
€ 1 376
Rear stick alone € 353
COMMUNICATION Consult us for instrumentation
VHF FUNKWERK ATR 833 € 1 906
TRT 800H Transponder without antenna and wire € 2 089
Antenna and wire for transponder € 236
Fitting of LEMO panel connector for bose A20 or Lightspeed Zulu.2 € 98
For BOSE or LIGHTSPEED ZULU.2 and other equipment Consult us * *
Interface Lynx Micro System Consult us * *
Power supply filter Lynx Avionics Comes standard
VHF Antenna : Integrated into the tail Comes standard
Duc Windspoon propeler- black colour Comes standard
Propeler DUC FLASH 2 inconel exchange for Ecoprop € 758
Water thermostatic control € 380
Manifold pressure 914 (upgrade RDAC XD for EMS included) € 452
Fuel pressure 914 € 292
Lithium Ion technology battery Comes standard
Fuel tank cap with key Comes standard
Canopy and doors cover € 420
Rotor attachment to the front wheel Comes standard

Choosing colors for your gyroplane

RAL colors have been developed for professional use. They are the standard for J-RO gyroplane from DTA.

Select the color of your gyroplane with the "Color Gyro".

Gyroplane color choice