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Great reasons to fly the DTA J-RO Gyroplane

Manufactured by DTA, a French company, the DTA J-RO gyroplane offers you the best quality of design and construction, which makes DTA a world leader in ultra-light aviation.

Safety has always been one of our main concerns. It is the paramount consideration in our technical choices.

Ergonomics and comfort. Pilots and instructors can confirm this.

Reliability and technology. Do you know that when you take possession of your DTA gyroplane, the engine has already been broken in and you can start flying immediately. The final checks are made by a person who has not worked on the delivered unit. Before delivery, they are tested on the ground and in flight to verify the proper functioning and assembly of each item.

We use Rotax engines in our gyroplanes because of their proven reliability. Note that their new Time Before full Overhaul (TBO) is now 2,000 hours.

The J-RO DTA gyroplane is offered with a choice of two engines: 912 ULS2 and 914 UL.

The stainless steel used for the cell is characterized by an elasticity that is higher than the best aluminum alloy, and a tensile strength more than twice that of aluminum when combined with the use of 25CD4S high modulus  aviation steel. The cell of J-RO wins again in strength and lightness!

All welded joints are done with inert gas (TIG) welding, which is much more expensive but much more efficient than standard welds.

An incomparable finish: Our customers tell us they are amazed by the quality of finish and attention to detail.

Resale value: Devices manufactured by DTA are highly sought after on the second-hand market and resale value is high.

After sales services - a team of professionals. We have a large permanent stock of spare parts. After receiving your order, in most cases it will be shipped the same day.

Whether you're going a short distance or you're flying across Canada, we are organized to meet your needs and eager to satisfy you.

Our goal is to satisfy your expectations and dreams by being at your service.

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J-RO... above and beyond your expectations!

Gyrocopter J-RO

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