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Gyroplane DTA J-RO model 2019


  • Epoxy shell (vacuum molded)
  • Carbon engine hood
  • Windshield and transparent doors in 6S241 aviation Plexiglas
  • Black glareshield
  • Landing gear fairings
  • Fuselage (fork, flares): 25CD4S steel and 304 stainless steel, 304 TIG welding – Epoxy paint
  • Removable strut
  • Landing gear leg: Dural 7075
  • Tail boom, shot pinning finish (unibal – 0 10)
  • BERINGER 15x600x6 - hydraulic braked rear wheels
  • BERINGER 400x6 free nose wheel
  • Exterior paint finish RAL base color


DTA chose STELLA Averso rotors, synonym with true flight comfort. Exceptionally stable, vibration free, providing safety and pleasure, they are a French design, the result of more than 35 years of research, analysis and development.

  • Extruded T6106T6 aluminum rotor
  • NACA airfoil profile 8H12sp (AVERSO)
  • Diameter 8,60 m
  • AVERSO rotor head
  • Rotor parking attachment
  • Pre-rotation by Kevlar drive belt and flex shaft
  • Pneumatic pre-rotation control switch with security rotor
    brake, doors, rear wheel brakes

Flight controls

  • Double cyclic control: Quick disconnect
  • Adjustable rudder pedals 6 positions
    (lifting or push pin)
  • Full forward trim indicator (green light)
  • Electrical trim pith (green light)
  • Drift control by cable (push pull)

Engine / propeller

  • 4-cycle engine, air water oil cooling system
    Rotax ULS 912 or UL 914
  • with torque limiter
  • Thermo oil valve
  • Stainless steel exhaust
  • Duc Windspoon propeller

Fuel tank / system

  • Molded tank (cross-linked polyethylene)
  • 70 liters / 18.5 USG
  • Purging lockable cap
  • Cabin sight gauge
  • Fuel level gauge on instrument panel


  • Pre-installation radio (integrated antenna LYNX filtered electric power protection – PTT)


  • Two-seater tandem
    reclining front seat back (passenger access)
    adjustable: 3 positions.
  • 4-points harness front and back
  • Seat and seat back high-density foam with leather lining and ALCANTARA c
  • Windshield ventilation
  • Storage space: case under front seat
    (right side) + 2 pockets on fire wall
  • Protective housing for controls


  • Approach light (60w HELLA)

Main panel including EMS/EFIS

  • MGL XTreme EMS digital engine monitor
    hour meter, clock, oil pressure and temperature, CHT, EGT, fuel quantity, outside temperature.
  • Rotor RPM indicator
  •  MGL XTeme EFIS digital flight monitor
    magnetic heading indication, altimeter,
    barometer, true airspeed display, GPS way
    point and route navigation, HIS display (optional)
  • Starter and ignition selection by key switch
  • Cigarette lighter socket
  • Space planned for VHF radio / transponder

Auxiliary panel

  • Master switch
  • Charge warning light (red)
  • Oil pressure warning light
  • 2 door-closing warning lights (L/R)
  • Warning inter-selector with/without doors
  • Rotor brake warning light (red)
  • Full forward trim indicator light
  • Landing light switch
  • Circuit-breaker protection
  • Strobe light switch
  • 914: Locations provided for TCU warning lights, sensors / 2 inter electric pumps


  • Body, tail, landing gear fairings, wheel pants, mast, and airframe painted base colors: standard white RAL 9003 or non-metallic RAL

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