DTA J-RO Gyroplane

DTA offers you a true sky CONVERTIBLE that allows you to fly anytime of year.

In winter, fly in a warm environment sheltered from the icy wind. In summer, discover the joy of flying in the open air.

  • Exceptional panoramic visibility, with or without doors.
  • Removable butterfly doors.
  • A bright interior that makes you feel comfortable, even with doors closed.
  • A spacious cabin offering extraordinary comfort.
  • Easy boarding access for the pilot and passenger.
  • Cruising speed of 160 km/h.
  • Range of 500 km (800 km with range extender fuel tank, optional kit).
  • Night VFR approved.

And what a pleasure to pilot!

Made in France by the French company DTA, the DTA J-RO gyroplane offers superior quality construction and finishing that has made DTA a world leader in ultra-light aviation with development support from OSEO. oseo


The J-RO (pronounced "jee-ro") offers the quality and reliability found in all products from DTA, Delta Trikes Aviation, founded in 1990 by Jean Michel Dizier.

In 1990, DTA was the first ultra-light trike manufacturer to offer its customers the VOYAGEUR.

DTA has always chosen innovation, which is often adopted by other manufacturers.

The DTA J-RO is offered with a choice of two engines: 912 ULS2 and 914 UL.

Several packages enable you to configure your gyroplane just the way you want: butterfly doors (can be installed later), luggage, heating, dual controls. Additional equipment is available to meet your requirements: spinner, radio, transponder, navigation lights, etc.

A machine that's easy to fly, simple to start with remarkably well thought-out pre-rotation systems for safety. A gyroplane with plenty of room for your travel bag and tall or hefty pilots. A true two-seat tandem gyro with an impressive payload capacity, so there's no need to leave anything behind. That's what DTA represents, the aeronautical standard, comfort, attention to detail and quality materials.

Gyro Aventure Canada Gyro Aventure Canada Inc. is the designated center for DTA J-RO gyrocopter training.